Well, here I am.  A blogging momma.

The world these days is full of “mommy blogs” (don’t I know it!) so why another one?  I suppose, like most people out there, I feel like I have a unique perspective to offer.  That may be a fantastic delusion, but I don’t think so.  Since my family is on the “non-traditional” side of the spectrum (more on that in a minute), I get questions all the time–from the curious, and from people wanting information for themselves.  So, viola, a mommy blog!

And so, to introduce myself, and my cast of characters.  In our family, there’s me, Emma, my wife, Karen, and our son, Teddy.  Karen and I are both educators–she’s a guidance counselor, I’m a school librarian (media specialist, if you please).  We’re super cliché college sweethearts who met at freshman orientation (for reals).  We taught in Texas together for 9 years before Teddy came along, and we moved back to the east coast to be closer to family (I’m from western PA, Karen is from the Boston area).  Now we live and work in Connecticut.

I suppose I should clarify when I say we are educators.  That’s true, but we are “education reform educators.”  We entered the field through Teach for America and charter schools, though I’m now in a traditional public school.  Our general philosophy is pretty simple–everyone, regardless of race, class or ZIP code, deserves a great education.  As I build this blog, I’ll post some links to organizations that can provide more articulate information on the subject.

As I build this blog, I’m hoping it will be a resource for people.  (Well, I am a librarian…providing resources is kind of our thing!)  There are folks who don’t know much about same-sex families and want to learn more, would-be same-sex parents (and just the curious) looking for information on “how we did it” (that will get its own post or two, in time), working moms like us who I’d love to connect with, and moms or dads looking for an educator’s perspective. So for target audience, there you have it.

I’ll sign off for now, hoping to be back with another post soon.