I’ve been wanting to really commit to blogging for a long time now, but never been able to jump in with both feet.  Now seems like the perfect time, though–I’m in a sustainable job that I love, Teddy is doing new, cute things all the time that I love to share, and life is generally pretty good for us, overall.

Another reason I’ve wanted to start a blog, and I hinted at this a bit in my last post, is that I want to share information with others (well, I am a librarian, after all!)  People ask me all the time about our family–how we got pregnant, how we decided who would carry, our 2nd-parent adoption process, choosing a donor, what Teddy calls us, future siblings and how we’ll handle that–and I really, truly don’t mind sharing, as long as the questions are asked respectfully.

And there’s a third reason, one that’s really just coming to me now, as I sit here writing this.  I want a record of this time in our lives.  As I said, life’s pretty good.  I love my job, we love living in Connecticut, we maximize our family weekend time and have a lot of fun, and Teddy’s at really cute stage that I want to capture for times when he’s being, well, not so cute.  😉

So there you have it, my thoughts and reasons for starting this blog.  I hope that my ramblings find their way to someone who enjoys them.