When you’re a mom, there is no such thing as a day off.

The last day I had off from work was last Tuesday, Veteran’s Day.  And here’s how that went:

Little Man was off from daycare school, too, so we made plans for a Mommy & Me day.  That always includes a visit to Kid City, the best children’s museum ever, as far as I’m concerned.  Little Man gets to play and play and play, and he’s worn out and ready for nap by the time we head home a couple of hours later.

While the boy naps, it’s time for Mommy to Get Stuff Done.  Laundry and cleaning, specifically.  If naptime goes as planned, usually I can grab 30 minutes or so to myself as well, to check Facebook while The Big Bang Theory plays in the background.

Then Little Man is up again, and we play for a bit, maybe take a run to the grocery store–often more for entertainment than because we need anything.  And home in time to meet Mommy when she gets home from work.

That’s what a day off looks like for me these days.

And you know what?  I think it is my perfect day off.  I left my high-pressure charter school job because I wanted to be able to spend more time with Little Man, more time taking care of my family.  And now I get to do that.  My ceaseless introvert personality gets appeased during naptime, when I have a couple hours of blissful quiet and time to myself–regardless of whether I’m “working” around the house or just taking a few minutes to sit quietly.

Life is good right now.

Why take a day off from that?