What mom doesn’t wish that she could clone herself?

My friend Alyson blogged not long ago about “wanting it all” and that’s one of the most common gripes of mommyhood.  You’re needed–or expected to be–in many places at once, and you can only ever be in just one.  As a mom who I was chatting with yesterday at a birthday party put it, “There’s guilt no matter what you do.  We can’t win.”

So yeah, clones would be great!  I could have one to go to work, one to play all day with my little man, one to take care of chores and house stuff–it would be awesome!

Or would it?

The thing is, I like having all the responsibilities that I do.  Every single one of them, I chose.   I chose to get married, to buy a house, to have a baby, to work in a job I love.  Why would I let a lowly clone get to have all the fun doing the things that chose because, deep down, love them?

So yeah, to that little introvert voice in my head who can never seem to get enough quiet time to herself, cloning sounds great.  But to my heart, that loves this crazy, beautiful life that I’ve chosen fiercely and deeply, having some mommy clones is just about the worst thing that could ever happen.

I’ll pass.