I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.  I don’t know why.

My little boy does things every day that make me think of how much you’d enjoy him.

He loves to read, and learn.  You’d be so proud.

When he was born, as a new mom, all I wanted was your advice.

I feel cheated for him, that he’ll never know you.

But I’m also so grateful.  Grateful to have so many memories of you.  Stories to share with him.

How when I got into college, you read every single word of every brochure and memorized every fact about my school.  You knew more about it than I did.

How you asked me question after question as we debated politics when I was in high school, and then told Grandma, proudly, that I had “strong opinions.”  And later, how you were happy to meet the woman I would marry, take her to lunch and spend an afternoon looking over old family photos.  You never judged.

How you read my honors thesis cover to cover, and called me as soon as you finished so we could talk about it.  You never stopped learning.

How you gave selflessly to generations of children in your pediatric practice, and then kept on giving selflessly to the love of your life.  You never asked for anything in return.

You were the embodiment of everything good about humanity.

You were, and will always be, the pillar of our family.  An example that we will all, always, look up to.

Thank you, Pup-Pup, for your legacy of love.