“Time to get dressed.”

Nooooo!  I love my pajamas SO MUCH and she’s taking them AWAY!

“Do you want oatmeal or Cheerios for breakfast?”

You mean cookies aren’t an option?

“Let it go, let it gooooo….”

OMG, why is my mother tone-deaf? “No singing, mommy!”

“Want to go to the park?”

Best day ever!  Best day ever!

“No cake pop today, sweetie.”

You must really hate me!

“Ready for your chicken nuggets?”

You must really love me!

“It’s almost time to stop, so pick one more thing to do!”

That Daniel Tiger is really having a bad influence on my mom.

“Want to take a bath?”

Best day ever! Best day ever!

“Good night, sweetie, I love you.”

“Love you too, mommy.”