In response to today’s Writing 101 challenge to write a descriptive post without using adverbs.

Pulling up to The Jump Palace, it doesn’t look like much.  Sitting in a bland concrete strip mall with a deserted parking lot sprawling in front, it’s a sight that leaves me skeptical as we park.  I’m not even sure it’s open at first; I have to squint to see the neon “Open” sign buzzing in one of the frosted plate-glass windows. But my brother assures me the place is awesome, and I’m eager to give my son a chance to work out some energy chasing his big cousin around.  Plus, we’ve been hyping this trip up for the past week, encouraging him with maternal laughter as he squeals, “Bouncy house!” every time we mention visiting his aunt and uncle and cousins.

The inside is somewhat more promising, but the place still doesn’t look like much.  It’s one giant room with unplugged video games, toy vending machines, and motorized rides–all of which are not working at the moment–lining the walls.  The lanky, lackluster employee–the only one working–who saunters over to greet us doesn’t do much to boost my faith.  What does lift my spirits are the giant bounce houses, as promised.  In addition to your standard inflatable bounce house, there’s an obstacle course, a giant slide, and an ocean area.  This, at least, is what I’ve envisioned.  And, as we’re the only ones here, we’ve got the place to ourselves, which is a bonus.

Within minutes, though, all faith is restored as the two toddlers chase each other over, under, around, in and out of all the inflatable structures.  They shout, “One!  Two! Three!” as they tumble down the slides together and squeal, “Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy!”

Over and over, for two hours, we watch them play, laugh, run, and tumble.  When they’re thoroughly worn out, and the words, “I’m hungry,” seem just about to replace the gleeful squeals, my brother and I pack them up into the car and head for Burger King.  After a less-than-healthy but still satisfying lunch of French fries, chicken nuggets, apple slices and milk, we are back at my brother’s house and it’s nap time.

The perfect time for me to sit down and write a blog post.