You’re not a good gay if you don’t like the rainbow.  But the colors of the rainbow do each mean a bit more if you take them on individually.  Let’s look:


Red has never been a color that I’ve much liked.  Red means stop.  Emergency.  Code Red.  It’s too angry and energetic for me–it’s not an introvert’s color.  But hanging out with my three-year-old nephew this past week, who insists it’s his favorite color, I saw red in a new light.  My nephew likes red because his favorite Ninja Turtle is Raphael, “the red one.”  It’s also my brother’s favorite color.  It was so fun to realize how much my nephew idolizes my brother and is trying to be like his dad.  It gave me just a little bit of a soft spot for the color red.

Orange was one of my high school colors, and I have a fondness for it in spite of my lack of affinity for warm colors.  But my fondness for orange doesn’t come from nostalgia for high school.  Orange was also the color of the charter school in Texas where I was a founding teacher, and where I taught for four years.  The kids won my heart right away (I can’t believe they’re graduating this year!) and orange worked its way into my wardrobe.  Both have stayed.

Yellow is the one “warm” color I don’t mind so much.  Our kitchen in Texas was painted a bright, cheerful yellow, and it was just right for a space that we filled with much laughter and happiness.  While I don’t look good in yellow and never wear it, it’s a spot of sunshine that always makes me smile.

Green is a color I grew up with, attending St. Patrick School and raised to be proud of my Irish heritage.  The past month or so, though, after a seemingly unending winter, I’ve found myself loving the color green in a new way.  Now that the weather’s gotten nicer and the snow has finally gone, nothing seems better to me than getting outside and enjoying the new green buds shooting up in the garden (“baby plants” my son calls them) and marveling at the unexpected beauty of a tree that suddenly bursts into bright, green buds.  I even picked out green as my nail polish color for my most recent pedicure–and now smile every time I look at my green toes, a promise that spring is finally–FINALLY–on its way.

Blue. Now we’re in my comfort zone.  Just as I said that I’ve never liked red, because its not an introvert’s color, blue has always been my favorite.  Since I became a real grown-up and homeowner, my bedroom and sheets have always been blue. It’s a peaceful color, and peace is what I need to come home to after a day of educating (or toddler-chasing).  Blue is the color that dominates my wardrobe and always the one I’ll gravitate to, given a choice.  Blue is just simply MY color.

Indigo. If you’d asked me ten years ago about the color indigo, I would’ve probably shrugged my shoulders and said that I’m not even sure what it looks like.  But since then, I’ve married a birder, and indigo means the very lovely indigo bunting–that’s where my mind automatically goes.  On a deeper level, I guess indigo just reminds me of everything I love about my wife, because she puts the same passion and enthusiasm for birding into everything she does–and that’s what makes me love her.

Violet.  I like violet, or purple, but not as much as blue.  At least, that’s what I’d say if you asked me.  But violet has worked its way into my wardrobe and my life in a way that makes me think I subconsciously like it a lot more than I think.  Before I said that I didn’t like red–and I don’t.  But maybe I do like the red-blue combo that produces violet.  After all, even introverts have a little bit of bright red passion and energy inside us.  Maybe we’re all a little bit violet.