Dear One,

We haven’t met yet, so of course there’s lots I don’t know about you.  I actually don’t know if you’ve even been born yet, although if that’s the case I’m hoping for sooner rather than later.  I don’t even know if you’re a boy or a girl.  I’m guessing girl based on all evidence presented to this point, but who’s really to say.  Your future husband is only two years old, after all.

I have to admit that I don’t think about you too much just yet, but every once in awhile I wonder about you.  Where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re like.  I have a lot of hopes for you, the same way I have hopes for my little boy.  I hope you’re kind and generous.  I hope you have an open mind and an open heart.  I hope you have spirit–you’re going to need to be feisty, to keep up with my little guy.  Just giving you fair warning, dear…he’s a handful.

I hope he makes you happy.  I hope you make him happy.  I hope that I raise him to treat you right.  We’re working on manners already; he’s mastered “please” and “thank you.”  I’m hoping that by the time you two meet, he won’t even need the constant reminders anymore.

I should warn you, when we first meet, I’ll probably be a little skeptical.  His other mom and I, we’ll have been the center of his life for quite awhile at that point.  Don’t let us scare you off, though.  We really do want you around, especially if you’re the sort of person we hope he’ll fall for.  It just might take us a little while to get used to you.  But we will, we promise.

Until then, take care, little one.  Be good to yourself, to your parents, to everyone around you.  Learn all you can, about everything you can.  You’re getting nerds for in-laws, so you’re going to want to be well-informed about the world.  Find a hobby–find a passion.  Dream big, and don’t worry–we’re planning to raise this boy to be the kind of man who will encourage you to chase those dreams.

We’re doing our best to make sure he’s awesome.  Don’t you forget to be awesome, too.

Hugs to you, little one.  And take care.  You’re going to be the world to someone who’s the world to me.