Part of the 30-Day Challenge, Day 3.

Friends often joke that my wife and I are so cute as to be barf-inducing.  (They mean this in the nicest possible and completely non-homophobic way, of course.)  Likewise, those who don’t know me quite as well will often comment that our relationship is so great, it’s proof that what every woman really needs is a wife.  (That statement, FYI, I do find a bit more offensive. More on that in a moment.)

It’s true–my marriage is really great.  My life in general, in fact, is pretty awesome.  But we aren’t magical–and we work at taking care of each other, and making each other happy, just like any other normal, happily married couple does.  No, certainly not magical.  If anything, I’d say what we are is grateful.

And no, not every woman needs a wife.  What every woman needs is a partner who’s willing to be a partner–to share a life and grow together and learn from each other and make sacrifices for each other and for the family you build together.  And a partner like that–male or female, straight or gay–is a rare and wonderful find.

I’m lucky enough to be married to and building a life with my first love.  In today’s day and age, I’d say that’s a pretty rare statement to be able to make.  But it’s true.  My wife and I met in college–at freshman orientation, in fact, since what we really want here is for everything to be truly cliché.  We were friends first–for a couple of years–before we realized that we were falling in love.

And basically the ball got rolling from there–to make a long story very, very short.

I’m not sure what it is, but my generation–straight or gay–doesn’t generally look on meeting someone at 18, dating them at 21, and marrying them at 26 to be something to aspire to.  And frankly, I think they’ve got that all wrong.  Because we’ve known each other so long, we’ve been able to grow together.  We know each other’s stories well, but we also are constantly learning new things from each other.  We challenge each other to be our best–because we’ve seen each other at our best, and it’s what made us fall in love in the first place.  We value each other, and we love taking care of each other.

Now, I’m not saying this same magic can’t happen when people meet later in life than we did.  But I do feel that we’re very lucky that we happened to meet and fall for each other at that exact time when many people discover their first love.

And in our case, I’m so eternally grateful that I discovered my last love, as well.