Part of the 30-Day Challenge, Day 6.

I’m lucky.  I have so many, many things in my life that make me happy.

An adorable, sweet-tempered (for a two-year-old) toddler.

A wonderful, beautiful wife who is my partner in every sense of the word.

A house I love in a great neighborhood.

A loving, supportive family.

A great job that I love, that keeps my stress level low, and that allows me more time to be a good wife and mother.

All these things make me extremely, incredibly, unbelievably happy.

But you know what? This week, we got something, just a little something, that has delighted me on a much more micro level.

We got a bed.

Isn't it beautiful?
Isn’t it beautiful?

You need to understand something here.  We’ve never had a real, proper bed in our adult life.  When we got our first apartment, we had a futon.  We exchanged that a couple of years out for one of those particle-board, assemble-it-yourself storage beds.  It was fine, but it was cheap and not super comfy and didn’t survive the cross-country move two years ago.

So since then, it’s been a mattress and box spring on the floor.

And then, my wonderful, supportive parents offered to buy us a real, grown-up bed.  And here it is.  And it’s so pretty.  And so comfy.

And it makes me so happy.