Yesterday, I posted on this blog for the first time since May.  It felt good to write again, and besides, I had a story to tell.  But as I subtly alluded to in that post, a lot has happened in the life of our little family since May, so I figured I should do a quick update before writing any more of my “usual” type of posts.

Biggest news: New baby on the way!  Yep, our Little Man will be joined by Little Sibling in late May.  We’re very lucky in that I do not have a hard time getting knocked up, even with frozen donor sperm, so like our first baby, this one was conceived at home, not in a doctor’s office, and using the same anonymous donor we used the first time around, so our two kids will be full siblings.  Awesome!  We are excited for the impending arrival of our new bundle (yes, we have a name, no we’re not telling yet) and looking forward to the adventure of raising an infant all over again.

In retrospect, that’s probably the only big change in our lives since May.  My wife is still crusading in her job getting low-income, urban students into college.  Her school will graduate their first senior class this year, and already all of them have at least one college acceptance.  Because yeah, my wife is pretty awesome.

I’m still kicking it as a school librarian, loving my job most of the time.  As with any job, there are headaches, but I love putting books in kids’ hands, and that’s what I get to do a lot of the time each day.  And the hours still continue to be ideal for our family.  We’ve found a daycare close to my school where we hope to send the new baby when school starts up in the fall, so that I’ll be nearby for the inevitable first-year-in-daycare-your-kid-is-sick-again phone calls.

So yeah, life is changing, but life is good.  I still love where we’ve landed.